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Thunderstorm and heavy rain blasting over Dubai and Sharjah on Monday morning – 13. April 2009

After an intense sand storm and rain which started at midnight, a powerful thunderstorm with lightning and heavy rain hit Dubai and Sharjah this morning around 9.30am.

School buses where taken by surprise and managed picking up pupils only with delay due to the quickly rising puddles at the kerbside.

Alarm devices of cars where going on during the powerful thunderstorm, water was leaking into houses from huge crackling rain drops, satellite dishes falling from roofs hitting cars and passers-by, fences wobbling around on parked cars and umbrellas where blown away.

Only 40 minutes and the chaos was perfect.


Satellite Dishes falling from roofs hitting cars and passers-by


Fences falling down on cars


School buses lining up in deep puddles

Write us your experiences with the stormy weather in Dubai and Sharjah!

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