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Khalid Port in Sharjah – gutted Oil rig caught fire – one worker injured

December 4, 2010

Sharjah Fire at Khalid Port

by B.Schwartze, StaffReporter -Published: 22:25 December 4,2010

As reported by Dubai Headlines today at 1.30pm a huge fire broke out at Khalid Port in Sharjah Al Khan Area while a gutted Oil rig of a Korean Company caught fire.

One Filipino worker was injured and rushed into the hospital. The entire Al Khan Area including Hotels where under a big smoky cloud until late afternoon.

The fire was extinguished and cooled down according to Waheed Al Serkal, Director of Sharjah Civil Defense. Khalid Port is harboring Diesel and other inflammable materials. Companies, boats and ships docked at the port are out of danger.


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BREAKING NEWS: Fire in Sharjah

Fire broke out in Sharjah

By B. Schwartze, Staff Reporter - Published: 13:29 December 4, 2010

Eyewitnesses reported a fire in Sharjah which extended big smoke clouds to Al Khan coming from the extended costal area.

The last fire reported was caused by a Cargo Ship in Sharjah Habour in November 2010.  The coast guard fully extinguished the 5×20 meter ship.

Since August 2010 all residential houses and buildings in Sharjah where provided with new fire distinguisher to ensure safety of residences.

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Friday, 24. April 2009  7.30am Dubai/ Sharjah

1-tn_dscn1183a A huge smoky cloud was  witnessed by a Sharjah residence early Friday morning 24th of April 2009 around 7.30am into the direction of Dubai. Until now it is not clear what was the cause of the big fire.

Dubai Headlines is looking for eye witnesses. Have you been at the spot? Did you witness the fire? Do you have any pictures from the happening?

Please email us: or leaver your comment here…

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Thunderstorm and heavy rain blasting over Dubai and Sharjah on Monday morning – 13. April 2009

After an intense sand storm and rain which started at midnight, a powerful thunderstorm with lightning and heavy rain hit Dubai and Sharjah this morning around 9.30am.

School buses where taken by surprise and managed picking up pupils only with delay due to the quickly rising puddles at the kerbside.

Alarm devices of cars where going on during the powerful thunderstorm, water was leaking into houses from huge crackling rain drops, satellite dishes falling from roofs hitting cars and passers-by, fences wobbling around on parked cars and umbrellas where blown away.

Only 40 minutes and the chaos was perfect.


Satellite Dishes falling from roofs hitting cars and passers-by


Fences falling down on cars


School buses lining up in deep puddles

Write us your experiences with the stormy weather in Dubai and Sharjah!

Email us to: or leave a comment on our website.

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TERRORISTS KILL OVER 345 CIVILIANS and no actions from the World?!


The death toll now stands at 345 killed, and over 1450 are injured.


The failure of the Muslim rulers to respond to the aggression carried out over the years by non-Muslim states against the Muslim Ummah has exposed the betrayal of the Muslim rulers.

Published figures show that the Muslim armies combined outnumber the Israeli forces by a ratio of 68 Muslim soldiers to one Israeli soldier. The Muslim countries spend almost 17 times more on their military budgets than Israel. So it is  clear that a united Muslim armed force is the dominant military power in the region. Even with their advanced military technology, the Israelis cannot overcome such a large military force.

Israel Population 7,112,359

Israeli Military Manpower 3,353,936

Israeli Military Manpower fit for service 2,836,722

Israeli Military Expenditure $bn 11.8187

Muslim – Middle East Population: 431,356,727
Military Manpower 230,582,445
Military Manpower fit for service 182,058,952
Military Expenditure $bn 179.81263

Also, after a brief glance at the borders of Israel, it is clear that it would be virtually impossible for Israel to defend itself from a simultaneous land offensive from Egypt, Jordan and Syria. You may be wondering have not these states engaged in a war against Israel before. Yes they have, but those wars were in reality `scenario wars’ with the objective of seeking peace with Israel.

This was mentioned by Mohammed Heikal’s in his book “The Road to Ramadan” – he quotes one of Sadat’s generals, Mohammed Fouwzi who gave the analogy of a samurai drawing two swords – a long one and short one in preparation for battle. Fouwzi said that this battle (the 1967-six day war) would be a case of the short sword, signifying a limited battle for certain motives. Indeed, this gross betrayal by of the Ummah by Egypt is currently matched by Turkey who assists Israel in her military exercises. As a Turkish news agency stated; “Billion-dollar military agreements, intelligence cooperation, maneuvers and secret operations are being made between Turkey and Israel. Israeli war planes are flying over Konya. A common missile shield project is on the agenda between the two countries; it’s under consideration for the missiles to be located on the borders of Iran and Syria. In a 20 thousand square kilometer area in the Konya valley, there were maneuvers of hundreds of planes making a nuclear attack. Dozens of examples like this can be shown. In short, Turkey is Israel‘s friend and ally” – (http://www.zaman. com/?
bl=columnists& alt=&trh= 20060824& hn=35945)

Economic blockade

It may be stating the obvious but the
Israel is land, sea and air locked by the Muslim countries. So Israel is dependent on the Muslim countries for its survival and for access to the outside world. What would be the impact of a Sea, Land and Air blockade?


Asalam walacome,

A couple of questions:
1. Is Isreal a part of the UN?
2. Why isn’t America stopping the bombing of civilians?
3. If they are going to allow this WAR to happen, why not give
both sides the same weapons and let them get on with it?


Israel is a member state,
this page gives u a list of all member states
http://www.un. org/members/ list.shtml# i

usa seems to promote ‘blind support of Israel(numbers here for how much ‘funding’
http://www.wrmea. com/html/ us_aid_to_ israel.htm )

there is a lot of history and a lot of issues eg. take the ‘wall’, despite all the un resolutions to take it down
and compensate for the damage done

i.e. usa and israel ignore the un regularly and get away with it (if u remember school history?!!! remember the League of Nations?  after the 1st world war? no teeth and completely ineffective – well the un was the replacement and isn’t much better)

this page gives a history of what the courts have said in the past few years regarding the ‘apartheid Wall’
http://www.zionisme xplained. org/wall/ wall.html
http://www.endtheoc cupation. org/article. php?id=1134
http://www.auphr. org/thewall/
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Israeli_West_ Bank_barrier

but like anything else you’ll need to go back to the roots of the problem and that is back with the land being given away

1917 Balfor
http://www.mideastw ory.htm#The% 20British% 20Mandate
1942 Biltmore
http://www.mideastw htm
http://www.globalpo security/ issues/israel- palestine/ occupindex. htm

two books that we found useful

Palestine – Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Dr. T Suwaidan
http://www.muslimba info.php? products_ id=1094

The Spirit of Palestine
http://www.secondst orybooks. com/details. php?record= 1068892

also read news:

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