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10th September 2008, Dubai – United Arab Emirates


The Earthquake which hit Southern Iran today at 11:00:34.8 UTC with a Magnitude of 6.3 (according to Global Seismic Monitor) was felt by citizens of the United Arab Emirates in Dubai and Sharjah at around 3.30pm local time (11:30 UTC).


“I felt the tremor and run to the street” said a Moroccan Lady who lives in Sharjah, Al-Khan Area. Her watchman was reporting that he felt the first tremor at 11am local time.

“I was sitting at work in the Sharjah Airport Free Zone and felt my chair moving. When I looked around I saw the doors swinging slightly, although we are located at the ground floor” said a Manager of a Free Zone Company.


In Dubai CNN Office Staff reported that they saw up to approximately 200 people taken refuge in the streets, fearing that the new developed towers could collapse. Buildings in Dubai Media City were evacuated.


Big crowds were standing outside their buildings watching what would happen. Irritated! There was no official warning for the residence of Dubai or the Northern Emirates.


Sheikh Zayed Road with its over 50 floor buildings was witnessing the swaying of buildings. Many people felt dizzy even in Abu Dhabi.








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